Alpysbaeva Aigul Shokanovna

Academic degree: Master of Pedagogical Sciences

Position: Coordinator of the educational and methodological department of higher and postgraduate


  • Information about higher education:


    Educational institution: Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov

    Specialty: 050119- “Foreign language: two foreign languages”

    Year of graduation: 2010.

    Qualification: bachelor of education


    Educational institution:  Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov.

    Specialty: 6М010300-Pedagogy and Psychology”

    Year of graduation: 2014.

    Qualification: master of Pedagogical Sciences


  • Letter of thanks from S. Sochin, dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, ZhSU named after  Zhansugurov, 2015.
  • Letter of thanks  from K. Baymyrzaev,  Rector of the Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov, 2017.

Scientific publications

    1. “The Impact of tolerance on the effectiveness of educational activities”

    Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference, Taldykorgan, September 20, 2013.

    1. “Tolerant attitude and a problem of intolerance”, Materials of the Republican scientific – practical conference “Youth and science in the modern world” part 2, Taldykorgan 2014.