Gulnar Kozhakhmetova

Post: teacher


  • 1987 year. Academy of physical culture and sports
  • Speciality: Physical culture


  • Candidate for master of sports in athletics. Qualification category “coach of the highest level of qualification of the first category”.

Scientific works

  1. ” Specifics of educational activity of UGATU students (on the example of AP and IRT faculties)”.

2. Actual problems of physical culture, sport and tourism. VIII Olympic and Paralympic games in Sochi 2014. Ufa 2015.

2. Актуальные проблемы физической культуры, спорта и туризма.VIIIОлимпийским и Параолимпийским играм в Сочи 2014. Уфа 2015г.

Advanced training:

  1. Courses of trainers-teachers in athletics of the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Certificate of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school and branch Of the center of pedagogical excellence in Taldykorgan. Two thousand twenty