Mergembay Ozenbayev

Position: senior lecturer


  • In 1990, he studied in the city of Taldykorgan at the Zhetysu State Pedagogical University named after I. Zhansugurov and received a teacher’s education in “Basic military training and physical culture”.


  • Diploma of the first degree for participation in the competition “The best scientific work” Dushanbe 2017
    In 2017, he was awarded a diploma for his contribution to the IX-Summer Universiade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    2019 Letter of thanks for achievements in the X Summer Universiade.

Scientific works

  • 1.Tactical and technical actions in wrestling. BASPA Actual questions of natural-scientific disciplines. Collection of materials of the international scientific and methodical conferences 2014

    1. Tactical and technical training of wrestlers. BASPA Materials of the Republican scientific-practical conference ” Zhansugurov readings»

    5-6 December 2014.

    1. Ulttyk sport oyundari arily studentcard landelin alicastrum tearily negadir BASPA”Gylym, Bilim Zhane, innovasiyalar-“Kazakhstan-2050″strategiesin irindalone maysay faktorler”Halyard scientific-tarryall conference Materialdary 24-25қазан 2-s BLM 2014ж.
    2. The modernized program of long-term training of women wrestlers in free-style wrestling of BASPA Actual questions of natural-scientific disciplines. Collection of materials of the International scientific-methodical conference. Kazakh head architectural and construction academician. Almaty, 2014
    3. Asistenta Kazakh Kress Damu BASPA Ganshu tagylymy respublikasy scientific-tarriel conference Materialdary 23

    24zheltoksan 2015zhyl

    1. History of free-style wrestling in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    BASPA International scientific-practical conference ” Science, education and innovation-factors of implementation of the strategy “Kazakhstan-2050” 23-24 October 2015.

    1. Kazak ulttyk oyundari the den physical education sabaina Padalino BASPA I.Ganshu finday official universitet habercisi 2016ж
    2. Physical preparation and technical skill of the fighters Dsgs

    Official ismett Asistance lhsen ismatch DEP eriler. 7-8 “Kazan” Taldra 2016 W

    1. Ulttyk sport trler Dsgs Excellent-distell RL,

    I.Ganshu finday Zhetysu Official University,

    Taldykorgan 2016 Zh.

    1. Kazak ulttyk oyundari. physical education sabaina Padalino BASPA I.Ganshu finday Zhetysu official universitet habercisi 2016 W
    2. Ulttyk oyunlarda pedagogical lessons of the history of the BASPA Ganshu Respublikasy scientific-tarryall conference 9 Zheltoksan 2016 W
    3. School of jasina Dang ballara ulttyk oyunlarda iread scientific pedagogical negadir BASPA.Ganshu finday Zhetysu official universitet habercisi 2016 W
    4. The physical preparation of a fighter BASPA Fundamental and applied scientific research topical issues of achievements and innovations. Materials of the international start-up conference 14 March 2017 Dushanbe. Tajikistan

    14 Sporty crested techno-tactically dearly aldara. Scientific-practically magazine. trbies zharshysy.№ 4 2017 W

    1. General provisions Republican scientific and practical conference “physical culture of youth in the modern world”, dedicated to the problems of physical education.
    2. “What should be a modern teacher of physical education?”Materials of the international scientific-practical conference” priorities of modern science. “From theory to practice” Taldykorgan-including Congratulations!!! Ul. Kilybaev Ul. M. Phone: + 7 (727) 277-79-99
    3. “Sport is an important factor in Patriotic education. “Specific scientific research in the modern world. Czech Republic 2018

    18.Materials of the International scientific-practical conference ” Science, Education and innovation-factors of implementation of the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”. Poland 2018 scientific publications in scientific journals recommended by MES *

    19.”Location planning in wrestling” publications in scientific journals of Kazakhstan recommended by MES * Bulletin of KazNPU. 2018, in the city of Almaty Abay

    Advanced training: center of advanced training “ORLEU” of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan. 23.06.2018 y.