Educational program

6В01501  Mathematics

EP purpose 

Training of a specialist of the new formation, possessing professional and scientific competencies, capable of creatively and professionally solve at the modern scientific and practical level socially significant problems in the field of modern pedagogy, methods of teaching mathematics.

EP type

Acting EP

Level on NQF


Level on SQF


The awarded academic degree


Period of study


Volume of the credits


Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting

07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)

Professional standard



                               Learning outcomes:


To possess the ability to evaluate and apply research methods and innovative approaches in analyzing  socially significant phenomena and processes in the legal, economic,   industrial, environmental  and anti-corruption policy.


To organize the educational process in the conditions of the updated content of secondary education, taking into account the physiological and functional features of the development processes, the individual educational needs of pupils and students


Own the methodology for solving various mathematical problems, carrying out intra-subject and inter-subject communications in oral and written forms


Apply fundamental knowledge of modern geometry in solving practical problems of professional activity


Apply strategies of updated educational content, forms and methods of distance learning and criteria-based assessment of expected results in professional activity


Analyze and synthesize concepts, facts and phenomena by mathematical methods in the field of physical and mathematical sciences


Conduct experiments in the field of classical sections of mathematics, master the methods of mathematical reasoning, mathematical terminology, methods for solving typical problems at a professional level


Develop short- and medium-term plans taking into account the principles, methods and technology of teaching mathematics


Solve mathematical problems in the field of school mathematics, mathematical analysis, algebra and differential equations


Evaluate modern methods of organizing research and project activities of students in the field of mathematics using information and pedagogical technologies, presenting the results of scientific research in various genres