Aitimov Bolat

Degree: PhD

Position: head of the department


  • Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata, specialty: 021640 – Jurisprudence, Qualification: Lawyer, 2005
  • International Kazakh-Turkish university named after H.A. Yassavi, specialty: 6N030100 – Jurisprudence, Academic degree: Master of Law, 2010
  • Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov, scientific degree: PhD, specialty 6D030100 – Jurisprudence, 2017


  • He is the author of 1 patent, 6 study guides, 1 study guide, 22 scientific articles, of which 3 articles were published in the Scopus database, 8 in the journals recommended by the Committee for Control in Education and Science. Has 8 copyright certificates. He took advanced training courses in the disciplines taught (there is a certificate), as well as “Management in Education” in the amount of 72 academic hours. Every year he undergoes an internship in the court of the city of Taldykorgan and in the police. She is a scientific consultant for 2 doctoral students of the specialty 6D030100 – Jurisprudence and a scientific supervisor of 8 undergraduates of the specialty 7M04201 – Jurisprudence.  

Scientific works

  • Some issues of the procedural peculiarities of reviewing civil cases on labor disputes in courts of appeal // Reports of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ISSN 2224-5227. Volume 1, Number 323 (2019)6 179-184. – 2019. – №1. –Р.179-184
  • Legal regulation of the procedure for consideration of labor disputes in court // BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Law Series. – №4 (129)/2019. – Р.85-96
  • The concept of legal regulation of electronic commerce // Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ISSN 2224-5227. Volume 2, Number 330 (2020). -Р.131-138
  • Environmental and legal framework for regulating consumer and industrial waste management // Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism. Volume 11, No1 (2020): JEMT Volume XI Issue 1 (41). –P. 186-193
  • Features of Legal Regulation of the Procedure for the Consideration of Labor Disputes in Kazakhstan // Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics. Volume XI, Issue 1(47), Spring 2020. – P. 65-73
  • Theory of operative-search activity: Textbook // Q-Print Publishing House, Taldykorgan, 2019. – 210 pages. ISBN 978-601-7084-26-4
  • Ecological criminal offenses: Textbook / B. Aitimov, D. Bekezhanov, M. Konysbekova. – Taldykorgan: Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov, 2020. – 229 pages. ISBN 978-601-216-690-3