Shakarim Nurdaulet

Degree: candidate of pedagogical sciences

Position: Senior Lecturer


  • Information about the higher education institution:

    Educational institution: Panfilov Pedagogical College
    Specialty: Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
    Year of graduation: 1976 y.
    Qualification: primary school teacher

    Educational institution: S. M. Kirov Kazakh State University
    Specialty: Teacher of history and social studies
    Year of graduation: 1986 y.
    Qualification: teacher of history and social studies

    Information about the academic title:
    Academic degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences Pedagogy
    Specialty: 13.00.01-general pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education, ethnopedagogy
    Year of issue: 2010 y.
    The topic of the candidate’s dissertation: “Formation of ethnopedagogical knowledge of college students through national values”


1. Awarded the badge “Honorary Worker” of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 01564. 27.09.2011 / / Minister: B. Zhumagulov.
2. For a significant contribution to the development of science and education, the achieved achievements in pedagogical activity No. 0772 was awarded the “KURMET” medal/ / Director of the International Scientific and Educational Center: N. A. Zholtayeva. / / 29.03.2018
3. Awarded the medal “Excellent teacher of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” No. B1-992. / / Chairman of the Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan: M. Tokashbayev. / / 03.12.2018
4. Awarded the medal “Veteran of labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan” No. 0000157. / / Minister: A. Aimagambetov / / 09.08.2019

scientific study

Scientific works: more than 40 scientific works in total;

1.Social problems of youth and ways to solve them / / “Training of a specialist of the XXI century” – science, methodology, practice» //Materials of regional scientific and practical conferences. – Taldykorgan, 2009. – From 118-124.

2. Education of students on the basis of folk pedagogy, and influence on their comprehensive development. Materials of the Republican scientific and practical conference “Modern methods of modernization of the education system”. – Almaty, 2009. – p. 15-20

3. Education of students on the basis of folk pedagogy and influence on their comprehensive development. // Proceedings of the international scientific and practical conference “Science and its role in the New World”. – Bolashak University. Karaganda.-2010. – C142-145.

4. Regional scientific and methodological conference “Introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process-the basis of quality education”. // Taldykorgan. 2017 ZhSU.