The department of state and legal disciplines

General information

The department of state and legal disciplines has a research team united with one goal, which solves complex problems in the field of educational, methodological, research and educational activities. The department consists of highly qualified specialists. Currently, the teaching and scientific work of the department is conducted by leading professors, associate professor, PhD doctors and teachers of our university. The teaching staff of the department of state and legal disciplines consists of 9 teachers, including 1 doctor of law, professor; 1 candidate of historical sciences, associate professor; 1 doctor of philosophy( PhD); 1 doctor of philosophy (PhD), associate professor; and 5 masters of law. Since 2019, the head of the department of state and legal disciplines is doctor of philosophy (PhD), Zhumagulov Timur. 

Оur teachers

1.Zhumagulov T. B. — – Head of the cavedra,
2.Agybaev A. N. —  professor.
3.Tinistanova S. S., – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor (Associate Professor)
4.Nurmukhankyzy D.-Doctor (PhD)Associate Professor (Associate Professor)
5.Urazymbetov T. E., Master, senior lecturer
6.Baizhumanova A.M., – Master’s degree, Senior lecturer
7.K. I. Aktymbayev, – Master’s degree, senior lecturer
8.Seilkasymova R. A., – Master’s degree, senior lecturer 
9.Alekbaeva M. M., – Master’s degree, teacher

Department history









The "Department of state and legal disciplines" of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov was established on the basis of the "Department of state and civil law disciplines" on 1 September, 2016 (Order No. 212-P of 23.08.2016)  to improve the educational process.

The main directions of research work of the department are studying the problems of formation of the Kazakhstan statehood, the theory of state and law, history of law and state, history of legal and political doctrines, studying of problems of formation and development of constitutional and administrative law, problems of formation and development of constitutional law of foreign countries, research of problems of development of international law in Kazakhstan, studying of problems of providing and protection of the rights and freedoms of human and citizen, participation in the development and solution of problems in the theory and practice of real interaction between executive and representative bodies.



  • 6В04201(5В030100 ) - Jurisprudence (bachelor degree);
  • 7М04201- (6М030100)-Jurisprudence (master degree);
  • 8D04201(6D030100) - Jurisprudence. (PhD).
Catalog of elective disciplines
  • "Advocacy";
  • "The mass of the international right";
  • "Theory of State and law".
  • International humanitarian law
  • Judicial ethics
  • Oratorical art
  • Legal psychology
  • History of the State and the law of foreign countries
educational-methodical activity

The main direction of the department is to improve the methodological creativity of teachers, the development and application of innovative technologies in the work, the preparation of teaching aids in the taught disciplines, as well as the preparation of bachelors in the specialty 6B04201(5B030100 ) — “Jurisprudence”, masters in the specialty 7M04201- (6M030100) “Jurisprudence”, and PhD doctors in the specialty 8D04201(6D030100) — “Jurisprudence”. The degree of the department is 50%.%Teachers of the department conduct open classes with the use of innovative technologies, guide and help in the work of young teachers, conduct video lectures according to the schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Scientific-research activity

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Article name

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Zhumagulov T.

Institutions of direct democracy in people power implementation mechanism in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Man in India 2017  97(6):159-169  



Nurmukhankyzy D

Legal and Environmental Policy on Solid Waste Pollution and Protection

Environmental Policy and Law

48(1), с. 83-88 2018


Legal regulation of agricultural cooperation. New approaches and prospects for developing rural areas

Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism

11(7), с. 1799-1805 2020



Tinistanova S.

Features of legal regulation of the procedure for the consideration of labor disputes in Kazakhstan

Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics

11(1), с. 1-73 2020


Teaching staff of the department take part in the following grant projects:

“Legal support of agricultural cooperation in the current state of land reform in the context of the state program of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020”. Head: Erkinbayeva L. K. executors: Baimyrzaev K. M., Ozenbayeva A. T., Nurmukhankyzy D., Teleuev G. B., Bekezhanov D. N., 2017-2020 No. 0118RK00836Nurmukhankyzy D

academic mobility

In the 2017-2018 academic year, Professor of the University of Cadiz (Spain), Doctor of PhD Michel Remy Njiki was invited.

The Department of State and Legal Disciplines cooperates with such universities as Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, L. Gumilyov Eurasian National University,
In Cadiz (Spain), passed a scientific internship Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Zhumagulov T. B., as well as in 2019 at the Moscow State University passed an internship Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Nurmukhankyzy D.
The following students of the specialty 5B030100 — Law were trained under the program of external academic mobility:
1) Turys Aruzhan Beibitkyzy-2nd year student, Tallinn Technical University (Estonia);
2) Kabaev Ruslan Erlanuly-2nd year student, Lodz Technical University, Lodz (Poland);
3) Shalkhybayeva Perizat Armankyzy-2nd year student, Lodz Technical University, Lodz (Poland);

Social and educational activities

Educational work at the department is carried out in accordance with the plan for educational work.

A number of events are held within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” program , seminars, round tables, educational hours, trainings and debates are held with students within the framework of the “Sanaly Urpak” project. The goal of the Project is to eliminate corruption in the education system, to create an environment of universal rejection of corruption through the education system.

Awards and achievements of the department

Nurmukhankyzy D. Doctor (PhD) Associate Professor (Associate Professor) , holder of the title " Best University Teacher-2019"

Tinistanova Saltanat Saidakhmetovna-PhD, Associate Professor (Associate Professor) , holder of the title " Best Candidate of Kazazstan-2020"

Zhumagulov Timur Baizhumanovich-Doctor (PhD) winner of the title " Best University Teacher-2020"

academic staff

Zhumagulov Timur

Head of the department, PhD

8(7282) 22-21-23
(internal 1150)
+7(702) 2655714



    Tynystanova Saltanat

    candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the department

    8702 607 31 42



      Nurmukhankyzy Daniya

      PhD, associate professor of the department

      +7(705)776 02 77



        Urazymbetov Talgat

        senior lecturer of the department

        +7 (702) 2655714



        Aktymbayev Kanat

        Senior lecturer of the department



        Baizhumanova Aigerim

        Senior lecturer of the department



        Seilkassymova Roza

        Senior lecturer




        Alekbayeva Madina

        Lecturer of the department