Creation of an information and reference mobile web application and website : «ALAKOL-AKSHI TOUR»

    Project title: : Creation of an information and reference mobile web application and website : «ALAKOL-AKSHI TOUR».

      Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the priorities of the industrial and innovative development of   the national economy. Tourism industry enterprises traditionally use newspapers and magazines, radio and television as information carriers for the development of tourism products. However, every year the Internet comes to the fore as a carrier of tourist information. The current state of tourism is directly related to the development of existing and relevant technologies through the use of new Internet solutions, programs, which leads to the creation of new services and the improvement of existing ones. Many consumers prefer to search and order certain services online without contacting a travel agency. The project will provide tourists with reliable information in three languages ​​and is an effective tool to help promote services. The reference application is a great solution for restroom automation, easy to use, rich in functionality, quick to install, and fully in control of the customer workflow. Integrating the application into the company’s activities will help to attract more customers, improve relationships with them, increase awareness of the resorts and expand the company’s capabilities. It also gives recreation area owners access to a database that allows them to download, edit and skip large amounts of information. Receives offers from operators that meet the requirements of consumers, setting the necessary search criteria, a detailed description of the tour, a list of what is included in the price and what additional fees are paid.

The application allows you to improve the work of the recreation area in all areas: work with clients, finances, calculations and analysis of key indicators and draw the right conclusions for further development.

Project goal:

Creation of an information and reference mobile web application and the site «ALAKOL-AKSHI TOUR» in order to develop domestic tourism in Kazakhstan and provide tourists with trilingual information about resorts and cultural sites on the banks of Alakol-Akshi.

Project objectives:

  • Collecting information about resorts, cultural sites on the shores of Alakol-Akshi;
  • Develop the structure of the mobile application;
  • Alakol-Akshi tour — creation of a mobile application and website;
  • Application testing, approbation.

The novelty of the project: the cost of a boarding house in which conditions are created in the tourist area will be more expensive in the summer. Boarding houses with three meals a day, with average prices are in demand among tourists, and travel companies in most cases work with large hotels. Such boarding houses are forced to create their own Instagram pages to advertise themselves. Therefore, in our work we decided to create a centralized information and reference system that will receive complete information about boarding houses on the coast of Alakol-Akshi, cultural places and places of food, that is, to satisfy the needs of tourists. Because a centralized system has not yet been created where you can quickly get information on boarding houses, cultural places on the coast of Alakol-Akshi.

Expected results:

  • A mobile web application and a website for ALAKOL-AKSHI TOUR will be created;
  • The obtained scientific results are published in 1 (one) article in a peer-reviewed scientific publication, which is included in the Social Science Citation Index or Arts and humanities Citation Index Web of Science and (or) to the Scopus database with at least 25 (twenty five) percent CiteScore ;
  • Received a certificate of registration of copyright

 Scientific director of the project:

  •       Bolat Baurzhan, 4th year student of the higher school of technical sciences.

 Members of the research group:

  •  Sovetbekova Asel Aslononovna, 2nd year student of the higher school of technical sciences.
  •  Toқtagan Bekzat Maratuly, 2nd year student of the higher school of technical sciences.