The purpose of the SIRBP are carrying out applied researches according to the solution of urgent tasks of socially – cultural development of the region, to improvement of methods of the organization and technologies of all education levels.

  • Objective
  • Feature
  • Achievement
  • Personnel
  • Priority development of basic researches in creation of new knowledge in the field of natural sciences as bases of formation and development of schools of sciences and scientific directions;
  • Carrying out applied researches according to the solution of urgent problems of welfare development of the region, improvement of methods of the organization and technologies of all education levels;
  • Carrying out basic researches in the field of healthcare, creation and introduction of innovative organizational and economic models of sustainable social and economic development of the region;
  • Research and development of theoretical and methodological bases of formation and development of the higher education; strengthening the influence of science on the solution of educational tasks, preservation and strengthening of the basic, defining character of science for development of the higher education;
  • Search of new forms of research process and methods of designing (technique of a research, calculation and modeling);
  • Implementation of close connection of scientific research with departments of University by broad involvement of young teachers and students to scientifically - the research work performed at Institute; training in techniques and tools of carrying out scientific research, widespread introduction of potential results of researches in educational process for the solution of priority problems of modernization of education;
  • Preparation together with departments of scientific shots, including through doctoral studies of University, increase in scientific qualification of the faculty;
  • Development of new, progressive forms of scientific and technical cooperation with the scientific, design, technological organizations and economic entities for the purpose of the joint solution of the major scientific tasks, creations of high technologies and the knowledge-intensive technical production, expansion of use of high school developments in production and social and economic spheres of the region;
  • Creation of conditions for protection of intellectual property and copyright of researchers and developers as bases of strengthening and development of high school science and entry of scientific personnel of University into the international market of hi-tech production;
  • Expansion of the international scientific cooperation with educational institutions and firms of foreign countries, the international funds for the purpose of entry into the international system of science and education and joint development of scientific production;
  • Mission of SIRBP. Creation of the group of scientists recognized in the scientific world capable to solve the large economic problems promoting a country entry in a row of the advanced countries of the world by development and formation of scientific base of training of young specialists due to their attraction to the scientific projects having great applied value and representing an entry to industrial technology of creation of highly profitable production and standing on the advanced boundaries of universal scientific research activity.
sphere of activi
  • Carrying out research works in the sphere of biogeotechnology and agrobiotechnology promoting technological, economic, social and cultural development of Kazakhstan, in general, and Almaty region. The main structural divisions of Institute are scientifically – the research centers (laboratories) and the educational and research centers (laboratories). The scientific research institute of biotechnology problems consists of 10 employees.

Certificates of professional development on the following topics: «Менеджмент в образовании» (72 hours), «Қашықтан оқыту жағдайында білім беру үрдісін ұйымдастыру» (36 hours).

Director of the Research Institute of Biotechnology Problems of the Ilyas Zhansugurov Zhetysu University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Ashimkhan Kanaev was awarded the «Best University Teacher — 2019».


Готовое Канаев А.Т

    Kanaev Ashimkhan


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