Purpose: the organization and conduct of the educational process within the framework of the system of continuing education.


6В01101 Pedagogy and psychology ;

6В01201 – Pre-school education and upbringing;

6В01301 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education;

6В01401 – Basic military training;

6В01402 – Physical education and sports;

6В01403 Music education;

6В01406 – Art work, graphics and design;

6В01501 – Mathematics;

6В01502 – Mathematics-Computer Science;

6В01503 – Physics;

6В01504 – Physics-Computer Science;

6В01505 – Computer science;

6В01506 Chemistry;

6В01507 – Chemistry-Biology;

6В01508 – Biology;

6В01509 –Geography ;


 6В01601 – History;

6В01701 – Kazakh language and literature;

6В01702 –Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction;

6В01703 – Russian language and literature;

6В01704 – Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction;

 6В01705 – Foreign language: two foreign languages;

6В01902 – Special pedagogy;

Arts and Humanities

6В02101 – Design;

6В01703 – Decorative art;

6В02302 –Philology ;


Social sciences, journalism and information

6В03201 – Journalism;

Business, management and law

6В04101 Economy;

6В04102 – State and local government;

6В04103 – Management;

6В04104 – Accounting and audit;

6В04105 – State Audit Office;

6В04201 – Jurisprudence;

6В04109 – Managing information resources;

6В04106 – Finance;

6В04107 – Evaluation;

Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

6В05201 –Ecology;

6В05202 – Agricultural ecology ;


Information and communication technologies

6В06101 – Computer science;

6В06102 – Information systems;

6В06103 – Information systems architecture;


Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries

6В07501 – Standardization and certification (By industry);


Agriculture and bioresources

6В08101 – Agronomy;

6В11101 – Tourism;

6В11102 – Hotel and restaurant business;

6В11201 – Life safety and environmental protection.

contact details

8 (7282) 22-17-79 (int 1192) Director of the Institute of Continuing Education: Nazym Zhanatbekova

8 (7282) 22-17-79 (int 1179) ICE chief methodologist: Ainur BaizakovaICE system engineer: Aizhan Ugimkhanova

8 (7282) 22-17-79  (int 1168) ICE methodologist: Saltanat Zakarina, Aigerim Zharken, Zuhra Abisheva, Aigul Korabaeva

8 (7282) 22-17-79  (int 1168) ICE software engineer: Karima Berkinbaeva


ICE  E-mail address:


  • fdo.zhgu@gmail.com
  • fdo.zhgu@mail.ru


E-mail addresses of ICE methodologists:

o  Methodologist supervising higher schools of Humanities, pedagogy and psychology – Saltanat Zakarina – saltanat.zakarina@mail.ru

o  Methodologist supervising higher schools of technical, natural, physical culture and art – Aigerim Zharken – aigerim.fdo@mail.ru

o  Methodologist supervising the Higher School of law and Economics – Zuhra Abisheva – zuhra.fdo@mail.ru

o  Methodologist supervising the practice –Aigul Korabaeva – Ae_1969@mail.ru

o  System Engineer – Aizhan Ugimkhanova – aizhan.fdo@mail.ru