Chairman of the Scientific Council – Chairman of the Council–Rector,  Doctor of Law, Professor Buribaev Yermek Abiltaevich

Academic Secretary – Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor  Baigabatova Nazgul Kazhimuratovna

Phone number: +7(7282) 22-21-23 (11-09), +7 778 808 7588


  1. The Scientific Council is a permanent, elected collegial body of the non-commercial joint stock company «Zhetysu University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov».
  2. In its activities, the Scientific Council is guided by the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Model Rules for the Activities of the Scientific Council of a higher educational institution, the Regulation of the Company.
  3. When considering issues referred to the exclusive competence of the Company’s bodies, decisions taken on these issues by the Scientific Council are considered advisory.
  4. The term of the Scientific Council is 3 years.
  5. The Chairman of the Scientific Council is the Chairman of the Council –Rector of the University
  6. Members of the Scientific Council are elected at the general meeting of the University by secret ballot among the representatives of the administrative and managerial staff, faculty, public organizations of the University and students.
  7. The personal structure of the Scientific Council is approved by the order of the Chairman of the Council–Rector of the University.
  8. In order to organize the preparation of issues discussed at the Scientific Council, control over the implementation of decisions made, generalize experience and develop proposals for improving the forms and methods of work of the Council, an academic secretary is appointed among its members by order of the Chairman of the Council–Rector for a period of 3 years.
  9. Meetings of the Scientific Council are held once a month in accordance with the approved work plan. If necessary, meetings of the Scientific Council are held unscheduled.
  10. Within its competence, the Scientific Council performs the following functions:
  • consideration of issues and decision-making on academic, scientific, methodological and educational activities;
  • consideration of the long-term development plan of the University;
  • consideration of issues of awarding academic titles;
  • consideration and approval of internal regulations;
  • making decisions on all issues of organizing the educational process;
  • consideration of issues related to the implementation of the Strategic Development plan of the University;
  • consideration of the main issues and decision-making of the social development of the University;
  • periodic review of reports on the educational and research work of the University;
  • consideration of reports on the activities of other structural units that are the part of the University;
  • consideration of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education in accordance with the state general educational standards of education for approval by the Council of the Company;
  • consideration of other issues, related to the activities of the University and requiring a collegial decision.

Regulations of the Scientific Council

Work plan of the Scientific Council 2023-2024

Scientific Council Membership