Graduate Model

Zhetysu University, which has been continuously training specialists in the higher education system of the country since 1972, is an environment with high academic traditions. To date, the university has trained more than 55,000 qualified personnel. Today’s university graduates become leaders in various fields and achieve high success. For more than half a century, the education of Zhetysu University has become an indicator of quality, and a university graduate has become a model of a winning personality.

A modern student and university graduate is not only an advanced specialist, but also a person who is ready for change, prone to innovation, and thinks independently. The university prioritizes several values in preparing the future business owner.

Alumni Achievements

Zhetysu University graduates achieve significant success in education, science, art and sports. Our students are winners of national and international competitions. Currently, business projects and scientific initiatives are being implemented with the direct participation of graduates and students of the university. By this, Zhetysu University contributes to the development of education and science in the country. The successful path of students is marked by new achievements.