Master class on the topic  «Тәжірибем-өзіме,шеберлігім-өзгеге»

from April 25 to 28, 2023 at the Higher School of Physical Culture and Art, the best coaches in the field of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and graduates of the higher school
S.T. Charapiev-Honored Judo coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan
M. Ayyrmasov-Master of sports of international class in boxing of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Bolat S.-coach of the volleyball club”Zhetysu”
Seitkan S.-player of the football club “Zhetysu”
in sports organized master classes on the topic
“Tazhiribem-ozime,sheberligim-ozgege” on the basis of the university (swimming pool, game room, gym, stadium) for students of the educational program of physical culture and sports.

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