Educational program01502 Physics
EP purpose Provide training for teachers of physics disciplines for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research sector with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training
EP typecurrent
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
The awarded academic degreemaster’s degree
Period of study2
Volume of the credits120
Language of educationKazakh, Russian, English
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardPedagog
                               Learning outcomes:
1owns the skills of system vision and system thinking, contributing to the quick and effective solution of intellectual and practical problems as a scientist and teacher in the field, is ready for active social mobility, organization and management of research and innovative work
2works with sources of information and authentic scientific literature in a foreign language on the topic of dissertation research, applies knowledge of the theoretical and experimental foundations of physics and teaching physics in English
3distinguishes pedagogical facts, phenomena, events from the surrounding reality, describes them in the language of pedagogical science, explains and predicts their development, based on the laws of pedagogical theories
4applies knowledge of philosophical problems of natural science, meaningfully operates with philosophical categories in professional activities
5knows and explains the main directions of the development of physical science and the most important stages of its evolution, owns the skills of proper verbalization, a meaningful description of observations, interpretation of the meaning of new phenomena in physical systems
6applies differential equations to the solution of various physical problems, uses the means of differential equations to process, analyze and systematize information on the topic of research and uses, if necessary, mathematical literature
7delves into the essence of physical processes, uses radio engineering and electrical circuits to solve professional problems
8plans and conducts research, solves scientific research problems in the field of modern physics and nanotechnology with the help of modern equipment and information technologies using the latest Kazakhstan and foreign experience, summarizes the results of research work in the form of a master’s thesis, article, report, etc.
9analyzes and evaluates the importance of innovation and innovative pedagogical technologies in education, constructs the educational process based on new concepts of teaching; predicts performance results and plans a self-improvement process
10analyzes the process of the emergence and development of fundamental ideas, concepts, laws, principles and concepts of physical science, has ideas about physics and methods of scientific knowledge in the historical aspect of its development