In Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, a charity event “SHYN ZHUREKTEN – 5” was organized for the children of the “Ainalayyn”orphanage on the Day of Gratitude on March 1. The traditional event “SHYN ZHUREKTEN-5”, which is held on the initiative of the Faculty of Humanities for five years in a row, this year was attended by all faculties and structural divisions of the university. The main purpose of the charity event is the moral education of young people, the education of the younger generation of a sense of kindness, care and charity. The group of volunteers “Dostyk”, “Rise up”, created within the walls of the university closely cooperates directly with this orphanage. Currently, 90 children are being brought up in the orphanage. Every month, birthday greetings, memorable holidays and the “Kuan Sabi” event are jointly held.

We express our deep gratitude to all the faculties, structural divisions, faculty of our university, students who helped in the charity campaign “SHYN ZHUREKTEN-5”!

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