Youth tracks in strengthening social harmony and unity

On the eve of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan and the International Day of Youth Solidarity, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on April 23-24, 2021, under the auspices of the Association of Chairs of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan “Shanyrak”, at the Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov (Taldykorgan) was held a Republican training scientific and methodological online webinar with international participation on the topic: “Modern tracks in the activity of the departments of the APK in the youth direction to strengthen public harmony and national unity”.

The webinar was attended by representatives of state bodies, deputies, youth organizations, domestic and foreign experts, members of the Association of Departments of the APK, the teaching staff of 30 Kazakhstani universities.

The speakers were deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and maslikhats, representatives of state bodies, civil society institutions, scientific structures, teaching staff and young scientists. The participants and speakers at the webinar were representatives of the expert community from Russia, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, the United States, Italy, and China.

The main goal of the training methodological, practice-oriented webinar was achieved – an interested constructive conversation was held to discuss the forms and methods of developing cooperation between the departments of the APK, scientific and educational structures, civil society institutions, international experience in the youth direction in strengthening public harmony and national unity, with the active inclusion of university youth.

Moderators of the webinar – Natalia Kalashnikova, Head of the Department of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, ENU n.a. L. N. Gumilyov, Chairman of the RPA “Association of Chairs of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan “Shanyrak”, Doctor of Political Science; Barkhudar Gussenov, Head of the Department of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, head of the Youth center of the NP JSC “Zhetysu University n.a. I. Zhansugurov”, on the online platform (which brought together more than 165 participants in 2 days), created an atmosphere of creative, scientific exchange of experience, generalization of proposals and recommendations on the main tracks of interaction of the APK departments with youth organizations, including at the regional level.