Social networks and spiritual security of youth

On November 12, 2021, the group of KBk 211 and the curator teacher lecturer Ukusheva T.K. conducted educational work on the topic “Social networks and spiritual security of youth” in 105 classrooms. The event was attended by the lecturer-lecturer Atabayeva A.M., responsible for the work on the modernization of public consciousness at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. In the modern world, the Internet is becoming an important factor in the influence of young people on the value system and the formation of extremist views. The impact of negative information disseminated on the Internet on the younger generation was analyzed at the meeting. Without active work on the part of the state, it is very difficult to resist the spread of extremist views. On the Internet, as in everything, you need a limit and caution. A sufficiently long stay on the Internet protects a person from real life, replaces it with a virtual life, which negatively affects the psyche and health. In all cases, you need to know the measure.