On March 1, 2022, the Higher School of Humanities organized a traditional festive concert “Shyn zhurekten…” dedicated to Thanksgiving Day and the 7th anniversary of friendly relations with the Ainalaiyn orphanage. In addition, the event was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the university, which not only gives knowledge to students, but brings up kindness and mercy in them.

There are many memories that have remained in my memory over these seven years. 26 graduates of the orphanage entered our university. At the next congratulatory event, it turned out that Yerasyl, a graduate of the university, and Darkhan, a pupil of the Ainalaiyn house, are brothers. This scene witnessed their meeting. About 5,000 sincere students of Zhetysu University became brothers and sisters for the children of the Ainalaiyn orphanage.

The beautiful songs and melodies performed at the event filled the hearts of those present with joy, the amazing art of the magician conquered the audience, and the performance of KVN-representatives brought laughter and fun to the children.

In honor of the holiday, the staff and students of our university made a lot of gifts for the children of the orphanage. And the children born in January, February and March were presented with personalized gifts and a large sweet cake.

Another event that came as a surprise at the festive concert was the presentation of housing by the Charity Fund “Haraket” to a large family in need of help. The keys were handed over to the new owner by the Chairman of the Board – the Rector of the University K.Baymyrzaev and the pupil of the orphanage “Ainalaiyn” Kusainova Karakoz. Household appliances and basic necessities were also donated on behalf of the university.

We are confident that our university will continue to educate decent, humane and generous citizens.