“Foreign Language and Translation”  educational programs of the Higher School of Humanities organized an intellectual competition “Brain Battle 50”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of our university on March 17,2022. The participants were first-year students of higher schools who are fluent in 3 languages. The competition consisted of 3 stages: grammar and literature of Kazakh, Russian and English languages; proverbs in 3 languages, as well as history and current news of Zhetysu University. 19 students participated  in the competition, 3 students took 1st,2nd ,3rd  places and 2 students were awarded letters of thanks. The 1st place was taken by a student of the group ZHK111 Baymukan Gulnur, the 2nd place by a student of the group AZHK111 Akhanova Zhanna and the 3rd place by a student of the group MIK111Seytali Nurdaulet. The competition was held at a high level. The competition was very interesting for students , they demonstrated their knowledge and also got food for thought . In conclusion, we hope that such intellectual competitions will be held more often to increase students’ interest in knowledge and motivate them to learn the language.