On April 8, 2022, on the basis of the Higher School of Natural Sciences, the regional Olympiad in natural science subjects (mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, chemistry) “Step into the Future” was held, dedicated to the 50th anniversary after named I. Zhansugurov Zhetysu University. The Olympiad was attended by 117 students of the 11th grade of secondary schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of the city Taldykorgan and Almaty region. Among them there are 40 students in the math subject, 19 students in physics, 14 students in computer science, 16 students in chemistry, and 28 students in biology.

The Olympiad was held in 2 rounds. Based on the results of two rounds, the following winners were determined:

on the subject of “Mathematics”

I place – Amantay Meruert (Supervisor : Kulzhabekova A.Zh.);

II place – Aigul Syrlybayeva (Supervisor: Zhanatov A.M.);

II place – Seken Yerdana (Supervisor: Zaitbekova A.S.);

III place – Zhansaya Sayatovna (Supervisor: Akbotaeva N.T.);

III place – Malzub Anastasia (Supervisor: Dzhambulov Zh.Zh.);

III place – Sabira Mukhtarovna (Supervisor: Toleutai E.A.).

 on the subject of “Chemistry”

I place – Balgynbek Kabylgazievich (Supervisor: Andasbayeva S. Sh.);

II place – Raeva Altynai (Supervisor: Aldabergenova A.A.);

II place- Dosbergenova Zhuldyz (Supervisor: Sahiev S.M.);

III place-Bolat Almira (Supervisor: Serikova Z.);

III place – Rollankyzy Shugyla (Supervisor: Tazabekova S. N.);

III place – Tumarbay Aiza (Supervisor: Kopbaeva Zh. M.).

On the subject of “Biology”

I place – Diana Amangeldieva (Supervisor: Zhunispayeva N.B.);

II place- Zhanysbek Gaukhar Tolegenovna (Supervisor: Tezekbayeva G. S.);

II place – Li Elizaveta Dmitrievna (Supervisor: Shvetsova M.);

II place – Dayana Taigumanova (Supervisor:G..T. Tusupbayeva);

III place – Sagyndyk Yerkezhan Bauyrzhanovna (Supervisor: Kozhamkulova M. E.);

III place –  Bayanbek Diana Beketkyzy (Supervisor: Umirkhalykova M.A.);

III place – Tulenov Bagdaulet Mahmuduly (Supervisor: Ospanova S. K.).

On the subject of “Physics”

I place – Асқарқызы Ayazhan (Supervisor: Dzhakupova Zh. G.);

II place- Сәрсеков Алинур Нұрланұлы (Supervisor: Baigazinov B. K.);

II place – Shakhnazar Timurovich Kokabayev (Supervisor: Байкадыров O. B.Baykadyrov);

II place – Shuken Akniet (Supervisor: Musayeva K. N.);

III place – Alimamet Yermek (Supervisor: Adaybekova S. B.);

III place – Әділхан Аружан (Supervisor: Сегізбаева А.К.);

III place – Nurjahan Alan (Supervisor: Kuatbaeva D. E.).

On the subject of “Computer Science”

I place – Popov Artem Aleksandrovich (Supervisor:SuleimenovaA.D.);

II place- Zavarykin Oleg Dmitrievich (Supervisor of: Saduakasov Zh. S.);

II place – Slyataeva Balzhan Armanovna (Supervisor: Krivankova L. S.);

III place – Ashirov Shukhrat Abdukarimovich (Directsnel:Baitulek A. A.);

III place – Makash Arsen (Supervisor: Murat A.);

III place – Tolendi Nurai (Supervisor:Shengelbayeva N. B.);

III place – Dikun Evgeny Alexandrovich (Supervisor: Adilkhanova N.A.).

III place – Amanzhol Ayaulym (Supervisor: Berikkaliyeva A.).

The winners of the Olympiad were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.