Documentation support of the internal quality assurance system

The internal quality assurance system’s documents are:

  • documented information of permanent use;
  • operational documented information;
  • external documented information.

Documented information of permanent use consist of the following groups:

  • policy;
  • plans;
  • Guidance on the internal quality assurance system;
  • documented procedures, regulations, rules, standards and instructions on the areas of activity;
  • organizational documentation (organizational structure, regulations on divisions, job descriptions).

Operational documented information includes:

  • documented information containing data on the results achieved or evidence of the activities carried out;
  • input and output data of processes;
  • reports and records;
  • suggestions for improvement;
  • logs;
  • applications, etc.

The forms (templates) of operational documented information and the rules for its implementation are established in the relevant internal regulatory documents (documented procedures, regulations, instructions, rules, standards).

External documented information includes:

  • Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“On Education”, “On Science” and other legislative acts);
  • State standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including state general education standard of education;
  • industry standards;
  • guidance documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other ministries and public administration bodies;
  • external regulatory and legal documentation.

The use of these documents makes it possible to effectively manage the University and to improve the quality of education at all levels of training.

Access to the internal regulatory documents of the IQMS is provided by posting it in Smart Zhetysu platform. On the official website of the University, the Internal Quality Assurance Policy, the Guidance on the Internal Quality Assurance System, University Development Programs, Academic Policy and Academic Integrity Policy are freely available.

The developed regulatory framework (internal regulatory documents) in all areas of activity and processes is constantly updated taking into account the changing requirements of external documents, recommendations and prescriptions of higher authorities, as well as the opinions of interested parties.