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Brief information about the project «AP14972680 Taylor-Couette flow of yield stress fluids»

 Project title:  

Taylor-Couette flow of yield stress fluids

Summary: This research project is fundamental research in a field of fluid mechanics which has high implementation on industrial level. Current study deals with a fluid flow between coaxial cylinders called Taylor-Couette flow. One example of implementation of such flow is a slurry flow during cementing process of oil well. To my knowledge the study of such fluid flows is sparse, despite quite high level of interest.

As it is mentioned before current research deals with stability analysis of the Taylor-Couette flow in yield-stress fluids. It is planned to use both theoretical and experimental approaches. From theoretical point of view, linear and weakly nonlinear stability analysis must be done to have an idea about the main control parameters of the flow and to account the nonlinear effects of constitutive law on the flow structure of the Taylor Vortex Flow (TVF) regime. For that purposes the realistic model using augmented Lagrangian method and regularized model will be used and compared. On the other side, the experimental works are planned on the second and third year of the project in a collaboration with a laboratory LEMTA using modern equipment and techniques, such as “Particle Image Velocimetry” measurements and visual experiments.

There are two main goals that this project follows: first is to determine the physical mechanisms and impact of the static layer that appears in the region near the outer wall; second is to determine the influence of the geometrical parameters on the stability of the flow. These results will give us a better knowledge about the processes inside the equipment and/or during different industrial processes. Provided information gives a possibility to improve the efficiency of the special equipment on industry as well as methodology of related processes.

Project goal: Main goal of the current research is to analyse the impact of the plug (solid-like zone) on the stability of the Taylor-Couette flow, the physics of the current phenomenon and associated mechanisms using theoretical and experimental approaches.

Expected results: Previous studies finished with a publication of two papers in the journals in the first quartile (Q1) and with percentile higher than 75. That is why it is expected to publish at least two papers in a highly rated journals in a field of fluid mechanics for current research. Novelty and applicability of this project suggests high potential even after this program finishes. At this time, it is planned participation at least two international conferences (International Congress on Rheology in Athens, July 2023 and International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2024, South Korea) to validate obtained results. As it was mentioned in the beginning of this project from the fundamental point of view, current research can be used as a basis in the study of the transition towards turbulence. Again, this study lies at the intersection of such fields as physics, chemistry and mathematics since it contains explanation of physical mechanisms of different processes at micro and macro scales, chemical characterization of the fluids used, and all the theory and predictions constructed using modern mathematical models. Furthermore, this strong collaboration with University of Lorraine (laboratory LEMTA as well) may be continued even after this program and may be useful in the sense of enhancement of our educational and scientific structures.

Project Manager: Topayev Sultan

Research team members: Scientific consultant – Nouar Cherif

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