Open day

On October 16, an “Open Day” was held at Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov for graduates of educational organizations in Taldykorgan for students who chose the Higher School of Law and Economics. The meeting was held in the academic building No. 1 of the University. More than 300 future young students took part in the event.

The meeting was organized in order to provide applicants with complete information about the higher education institution and to provide professional assistance in making the right decisions. On the open day, the participants got acquainted with the university system. In particular, they got acquainted with the work of structural divisions, received information on all educational programs of the Higher School of Law and Economics. We visited scientific laboratories, TV and radio studios, a library and a youth center, a startup and a museum hall.

During the presentation, information was given about the university’s educational programs, research projects, and opportunities for young people. In addition, the international initiatives of Zhetysu University and its work to support the capable generation were announced. Applicants were able to see in practice the scientific potential of the Higher School of Law and Economics.

The participants of the meeting talked with teachers and staff of the university and asked their questions related to education and enrollment. There was also a free interview with active students about student life. In general, by taking part in the Open Day, students got to know the university better and developed a new approach. This will allow young people to become students of Zhetysu University and join the ranks of the best. This event will continue in every High School until December.