In honor of the Republic Day, the contest “Menin Kazakstanym – menin maktanyshym” was organized by the Higher School of Humanities of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov.  

The competitions covered three areas: essay writing, poetry writing and preparation of special video material. Students of 1-4 courses of Higher Education took an active part in it.

According to the results of the poetry composition contest, Adilkhan Akbota took the third place, Moldatairova Laura took the second place, Kabi Gulnaz took the first place.In the preparation of the videos, Milan Zhumabayeva took the third place, Yerkezhan Toylybayeva took the second place, and Anel Omirzhan took the first place. The results of the direction of writing the essay were as follows: the third place Gendarme Zhansaya, the second place Orazkhan Ayazhan, the first place Kinayat Gulnaz.

Congratulations to the winners with the prizes!