From 01.12 to 06.12.2023 an event “Таза сессия” was held by the teaching staff of Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov, the Higher School of Humanities, EP of Foreign Languages and Translation Study  G.K.Baigudanov, K. Zhumagali, G.K Turabai, A.S. Ramazanov, J.A. Zhalelova, S.A.Ualieva, A.K. Ospan, A.S. Doskeldina, M.Zh. Zhumagazieva, A.S. Shynybekova, M.A. Maukebaeva, Sh.M. Nusupova, M.G. Ashimova, Sh.S. Eleusizova, A.N. Musabaeva, S.B. Dyusebaeva, G.M. Omarbekova, along with students from the following groups: AIK 212, IYAR 311, SHTK 311, SHTK 411, SHTK 312, AIK 411, SHTK 312, PDR 211, SHTK 221, SHTK 213, SHTK 413, AIK 311, SHTK 212, IYAR 411, SHTK 412, SHTK 112, SHTK 113, AIK 211, SHTK 211, IYAR 211, IYAR 221, IYAR 111, IYAR 121, SHTK 111, AIK 111. During this event, students shared their thoughts as part of the anti-corruption program. There was a comprehensive discussion and explanatory work on the policy of academic integrity.