Scientific trip

Within the framework of the scientific research project IRN AR19680053 “The legacy of Ilyas Zhansugurov in the development of the humanities: in the context of the XXI century”, carried out with grant funding from the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, project manager Shara Kyyakhmetova went on a two-week business trip to Almaty in January 2024 and visited the Central State Archive and the National Library. The purpose of the visit is to collect the works of Ilyas Zhansugurov written in Arabic and Latin script, translate into Cyrillic, publish and introduce into scientific circulation.

During the search work from the Ilyas Zhansugurov Foundation under number 1368 in the Central State Archive, the article “Iliyas turaly bir-eki soz” by A.Tajibayev in the newspaper “Enbekshi Kazak” dated November 2, 1930 and the article “Iliyas zholbike emes” authored by Kayypnazaruly, Kalymbekuly were found and translated into Cyrillic.

10 articles from the collection of rare manuscripts of the National Library, published in Latin in the newspaper “Socialist Kazakhstan” (January 6, 1937), which were not included in any collections (Zhamagetov S. “Akynga algys”, Ermekov A. “Shyndykty surettegen shygarma”, Baytokhin Zh. “Zhastar suyip okid”, Korabaev D. “Olgen taptyn aram sayasatyn korsetetin shygarma”, Kupsekov M. “Korkemdik jagynan da, tarikhi jagynan da kunti shygarma”, Baituganov K. “Halyktyn tili men halyktyn tilegine say zhazylgan poem”, Nagysbek “Suyip okimyz”, Mametov A. “Shakirtterdin pikiri”, Smagulov S. “Eski omirdi sykatap”, Ysmayilov E. “Halyktyk poem”) will be translated from Latin into Cyrillic alphabet.