The best on “ZHETYSU – START UP”馃拹

At the competition of innovative ideas and projects “ZHETYSU – START UP”, held in March 2024, 38 projects were defended, and 4 projects submitted by students of our college became the best:
-Kashkarova D., Kravchenko Ya., Ablai K., head Baiorazova A. ZH.” – 3rd place;
-Nurseit A., Serikova A., Zhumagazy N., head Omarova A. N. “The Best Educational Project”;
-Kanapiya A., Kasymkhan E., head Zhanuzakova B. Zh. “The best Social project”;
-Toleugazy D., Tuleukhanova A., Tolegenova A., Tolegenov A., supervisor Nauryzbaeva S. N. became the winner in the Nomination “Best Hand Made project”.
The director of Zhansugurov College of Zhetysu university named after I. Zhansugurov, Bakytzhan Nurserikovich Eskendirov, congratulates our students and their leaders on these great achievements!馃拹馃拹馃拹馃拹

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