Students of the 1.2 courses of EP 6B01509 “Geography” conducted a summer field practice along the route Mukyry River Valley (foothill plain of Mukyry and Labasy) – Aksai tract (Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park) – Kapshagai reservoir (Ile River). The students got acquainted with brachiopods – fossils of marine microorganisms of the Permian period (P) of the Paleozoic era (PZ) in the valley of the Mukyr River; an open geological section of the Mukyryn stone ore; the geological structure and relief, with the peculiarities of the formation of the local climate of the Aksai tract. The soil and vegetation cover were studied. Samples from each layer were taken from the soil section for laboratory analysis; measurements of vegetation density and height were made at the geobotanical site, and a herbarium was collected. A physical and geographical description of the landscapes of the natural and territorial complex was carried out. Got acquainted with the management of the therapeutic and recreational recreation area located in the subalpine belt of the Ile-Alatau GNNP, effective planning of natural landscapes; the consequences of anthropogenic impact on the ecology of the Ile River and the strategic importance of the Kapshagai reservoir.