Educational program7M01401 Physical education and Sport
EP purpose  The purpose of the educational program 7M01401- Physical Culture and Sports” is to train a professional teacher who is able to design the educational process taking into account the individual interests and abilities of students, the requirements of secondary general and higher education, using modern pedagogical technologies and achievements in the field of physical culture and sports.
EP typeActing EP
Level on NQF7
Level on SQF7
The awarded academic degreemaster’s degree
Period of study2
Volume of the credits120
Language of educationKazakh, Russian
Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)
Professional standardPedagog
                               Learning outcomes:
1demonstrates in-depth professionally oriented knowledge and understands phenomena in the field of physical culture and sports;
2applies knowledge in solving professional tasks in contexts and within broader (or interdisciplinary) fields related to physical culture and sports;
3applies knowledge in the design of educational, training, recreational, research, organizational and managerial, cultural and educational activities;
4has professional competencies in the field of physical culture and sports.
5capable of making judgments, evaluating ideas and drawing conclusions;
6shows communicative abilities in effective functioning in social interaction in a team;
7establishes relations with persons involved in the pedagogical process in order to increase its effectiveness;
8he is capable of evaluating the results of his own activity and reflection.