Educational program

8D01501 Mathematics

EP purpose 

Training of competitive, competent scientific and pedagogical personnel possessing professional and scientific competences and skills of their implementation in practical and scientific activities to meet the needs of science, education and production in the field of mathematics

EP type


Level on NQF


Level on SQF


The awarded academic degree

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Period of study


Volume of the credits


Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Date of approval of the OP at the Board meeting

07.04.2021 (protocol No. 4)

Professional standard



                               Learning outcomes:


To organize scientific research, apply the results of research when writing scientific papers at the national and international level, taking into account global trends and strategies for the development of higher education;


To substantiate and test the methodology of a systematic approach to the organization of educational, scientific and educational processes, modern approaches to management, methods of diagnosis, analysis and problem solving;


Analyze and synthesize observed facts and phenomena by mathematical methods, and on their basis plan classes in mathematical disciplines using innovative technologies;


To develop mathematical models of objects with an implementation algorithm and perform their comparative analysis, as well as to choose theoretical methods for solving fundamental and applied problems;


To conduct a comparative analysis of various scientific theories and ideas, analytical and experimental scientific activities for planning, forecasting and implementation of research results;


Synthesize new knowledge and skills, form information skills for further use in the field of professional activity; 


Analyze and implement the developments of the educational environment of the XXI century, in new theoretical methods and models of teaching mathematics;


Analyze the results of scientific research, apply them to solving specific research tasks in the field of science and education, independently carry out scientific research.