Admission of foreign students

Admission of foreign citizens to study at ZU on a paid basis is carried out based on the results of an interview conducted by the ZU admission committee during a calendar year. At the same time, the enrollment of foreign citizens is carried out in accordance with the academic calendar 5 (five) days before the beginning of the next academic period.

The procedure for admission of foreign citizens to study:

  1. Submit documents.
  2. Interview.
  3. Sign a contract for studying, payment for training
  4. Submit medical documents.
  5. Enrolment as a part of students.
  6. Migration registration.

Foreign citizens who arrived in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the official invitation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as independently – on a guest or tourist visa are allowed to interview. Foreign citizens who arrived in the Republic of Kazakhstan on their own, in order to enter the university, are obliged to comply with the current legislation, the rules for the stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A foreign citizen applying for bachelor’s degree programs provides the following documents to ZU:

  1. approved state document of secondary (full ) general education or secondary vocational education, or a foreign state document on education, recognized as equivalent to the RK state certificate of secondary (full ) general education or secondary vocational education, with the application ( on the studied subjects indicating the number of hours and assessments on them);
  2. notarized certified copies of the document on education and certified translation into Kazakh or Russian language .;
  3. The original identity of entrant’s document and notarized copy;
  4. 6 photos 3×4 (matted);

Text translation must be certified by Kazakhstan notary or Kazakh Consulate of Kazakhstan in the country issuing certificates on education. Documents of secondary (full) general education issued in CIS countries do not require legalization (or stamp “Apostille”).

All transfers must be made ​​on the first and last name, specified in the entry visa.

If a foreign citizen provides information that does not correspond to reality, ZU has the right to return the documents to him and expel him from the number of students at ZU.