Saltanat Begimbekova

Degree: Bachelor of education on specialty FL: two foreign languages

Position: Pedagogue of complementary education


  • Institution: Zhetysu state university named after I.Zhansugurov
  • Specialty: Foreign languages: Two foreign languages
  • Year of graduation: 2019
  • Qualification: teacher of  English and Turkish 


  • Educational programs of English language courses have been developed
  • Professional development: 1. International workshop «Higher education quality management». 2.  Online webinar «From the experience of applying effective methods of teaching a foreign language».

Scientific publications:

  • «The importance of professional communicative competence of future pedagogue in multilingual education» Taldykorgan, 2020.
  • «Communicative competence is a professional value of a modern pedagogue» KazNPU named after Abay, Almaty 2020.