Chaltikenova Lyazzat Alyahmetovna

Degree: Candidate of philological sciences

Position: Senior lecturer


  • 1977-1983 she studied at the Kazakh state University named after S. M. Kirov majoring in “Kazakh language and literature”;
  • 2004-2006 she studied at the Institute named after academician O. Dzholdasbekov majoring in  «Jurisprudence»;
  • In 2009 he defended his thesis on the topic «Grammatical variants of words in the Kazakh language» specialty «10.02.02 – Kazakh language».


  1. Awarded the medal “Ilyas Zhansugirov” (2017);
  2. Awarded the medal   «Eren enbegi ushin» (2019).

scientific works

  1. Interactive technique. Textbook7 -Taldykorgan: typography “Zhetysu University”, 20127
  2. Grammatical variants of words in the Kazakh language. Textbook -Taldykorgan: typography “Zhetysu University”, 2017
  3. Teaching complex problems of morphology. Textbook – Taldykorgan, 2018.
  4. Author of more than 60 scientific articles