Dinara Mukhamedyarova

Degree: Master of pedagogical science

Position: teacher of complementary education


  • Information of higher education: Higher
  • Educational institution: ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov
  • Specialty: Foreign languages: two foreign languages
  • Year of graduation: 2010
  • Qualification: English teacher
  • Academic degree information:
  • Educational institution: KazSWTTU
  • Specialty: 6М011900- Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • Year of graduation: 2016
  • Degree: Master of pedagogical science


  • Developed educational programs of English language courses
  • Professional development: 1. International Scientific and methododological conference dedicated to the “INTERNATIONALIZATION of EDUCATION: CONTEMPORARY METHODS OF TEACHING FOREIGN LANGUAGES FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES” 2. Online webinar “From the experience of applying effective methods of teaching a fpreign language”

Scientific publications:

  • Problems and prospects of distance learning in the study of foreign languages. Regional scientific and methodological conference “The introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process – the basis of quality education.” Taldykorgan, 2013.
  • Development of students’ educational and cognitive competence in the process of teaching English. Foreign language at school. №3 (75) May/June, Almaty, 2015.
  • Republican scientific conference of young scientists “Isaev readings” on the use of new information communication technologies in the educational process. Almaty, 2016.
  • Development and formation of the cognitive interests of students in English lessons. “Isaev oulary” atty republics khas kalymdardy kylymi conferences. Almaty, 2016.
     27-28 of October, 2017.
  • “Implementation of a multilingual education program in the higher education system”, Modern Science International Scientific Journal No. 11, Vol. II, 2020
  • “Development of multilingual education in higher educational institutions”, “Bilimdi internationalandyru: shet tilderin arnayy maқsatta oytudyk uzekti adisterі” halygaralyk ғylym-adistemelik online conference Almaty 21-21 of January 2021.