Responsible person

Ответственное лицо

The council



Action plan for anti-corruption activities

План мероприятий по антикоррупционной деятельности ОВПО

Standard comprehensive plan for combating corruption of the University

Типовой комплексный план по противодействию коррупции ВУЗа

Comprehensive project plan " Sanaly Urpaq"

Комплексный план проекта “Sanaly Urpaq”

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity policy

Academic policy

Open Book

Regulations on the project office "Sanaly Urpaq"

Положение о проектном офисе “Саналы ұрпақ”

Job description of the head of the project office "Sanaly Urpaq"

Должностная инструкция руководителя проектного офиса “Саналы ұрпақ”

Job description of the methodologist of the project office "Sanaly Urpaq"

Должностная инструкция методиста проектного офиса “Саналы ұрпақ”

Open Book

Положение о Совете по противодействию коррупции

Anti-corruption strategy

Антикоррупционная стратегия

National Anti-Corruption Report

Национальный доклад о противодействии коррупции

Типовые правила проведения антикоррупционной экспертизы внутренних актов

Справка по проведенной антикоррупционной экспертизе внутренних актов

Responsible Person for Ethics and Anti-corruption

Seriev Bolat Abduldaevich

Academic degree: PhD in Law

Academic title: Professor

Membership in international public organizations: Member of the Public Council for Combating Corruption of the Branch of the Zhetysu region of the Amanat party; member of the Union of Lawyers of Kazakhstan; member of the commission under the Department of Justice of the Zhetysu region.

Рosition: Member of the Management Board - Vice-Rector for Youth Policy
Reception schedule: Tuesday, Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.



The purpose of the project office”Sanaly Urpaq” is to create conditions at the university for the formation and development of a highly moral, responsible, proactive and socially competent citizen and patriot of his country.

  • Main tasks
  • Functions
  • Events
  • Staff members
main tasks
  • Organization of anti-corruption policy at the university, creating the necessary conditions for the implementation of the transparency of the educational process;
  • Formation of an optimal university environment aimed at instilling in students and higher-educational teaching personnel the principles of integrity and honesty;
  • Ensuring successful adaptation of students to legal readiness for future professional activities;
  • Coordination of the activities of all structural units on anti-corruption policy and principles of integrity;
  • Organization of meetings, conversations, round tables, debates, contests and other events to combat corruption and the formation of intolerance to corruption in the student community;
  • Increasing the effectiveness of outreach and educational measures aimed at creating an atmosphere of intolerance to corruption at the university;
  • Interaction with competent anti-corruption authorities;
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive anti-corruption plan, preparation of reporting documentation for areas of activity.
  • Formation of university anti-corruption culture;
  • Conducting anti-corruption and crime prevention activities;
  • Improving the quality of education through the introduction of anti-corruption mechanisms;
  • Clarification of anti-corruption legislation in the field of education at the university;
  • Enhancing anti-corruption culture and literacy of all structural units;
  • Increasing anti-corruption behavior of students, teaching staff and university staff;
  • Implementation at the university of a course on the formation of "zero tolerance" for offenses;
  • Transform students and teachers into anti-corruption policy makers.

Within the framework of the project "Zhetysu - adaldyk alagy" in 3 educational buildings of the university and dormitories of the university by order No. 010 of October 31, 2019, along with the city branch of the "Nur Otan" party and the Department of the National Bureau for Combating Corruption (Anti-Corruption Service) in Almaty region, boxes of trust were installed.

By order of the rector No. 299p, within the framework of the "Clean session" campaign, a commission was created at the university under the leadership of the head of the "Zhetysu - adaldyk alany" project - A. T. Zhazykbaev.

Online meeting of a member of the information and educational headquarters - Eldar Saparov with young people on the topic "Our goal is to popularize justice and decency."

Online meeting of a member of the information and educational headquarters - Eldar Saparov with young people on the topic "Our goal is to popularize justice and decency."

A live broadcast with the head of the youth center Gusenov Barkhudar Shakhgusenovich on the implementation of the Sanaly Urpaq project on Facebook.

A live broadcast with the methodologist of the "Sanaly Urpaq" project office Zhanatova Adelya Zhanatovna on the implementation of the Sanaly Urpaq project on Facebook.

On October 9, 2020, a meeting of young people with the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A. Zh. Shpekbayev, was held on the implementation of the projects "Accelerator of Good" and " Sanaly Urpak»

On February 19, 2021, a webinar was held on the topic: "Prevention of corruption offenses in the Almaty region". The speaker was the Head of the Republican project office of Sanaly Urpak" K. Tokushev

In Zhetysu University, as part of a typical anti–corruption plan for 2021-2022, the bookcrossing zone was opened on the basis of a youth center. The opening was attended by: representative of the Student Parliament, Compliance officer Tleubaev A.B., Head of the project office of "Sanaly Urpak" Beisov E.Zh. During the opening, it was noted that the project area has all the necessary literature on anti-corruption topics, every student has free access to books, which will contribute to the development of legal literacy in the anti-corruption field.

staff members

Beisov Yerbol Zhaksybekovich

Head of the project office "Sanaly Urpaq"

+7 (701) 641 79-19 ;


Lukyanov Artem Alexandrovich

Methodologist of the project office "Sanaly Urpaq"

+7 (705) 253 69-08;