The purpose of laboratory of agrobiotechnology Introduction and study of new integrated solutions to increase crop yields in the South-East of Almaty region

  • Objective
  • Feature
  • Achievement
  • Personnel
  • Integration of science and education in the field of agrobiotechnology, study and development of a set of measures to implement the possibilities of agricultural biotechnology for the protection of agricultural, forest and ornamental crops;
  • Study of diseases and pests of crops sown in peasant farms, identification of species composition of weeds, the use of biologically active drugs against particularly dangerous species, monitoring and their biological effectiveness;
  • Determination of the composition of heavy metals of soil cover and sown crops;
  • Training of teachers and employees of the University, students, undergraduates, PhD-doctoral students for research and innovation and design work;
  • Perform research and development works (hereinafter R & d) programme of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter-MES) and other scientific programs of Kazakhstan, regional and international scientific programs;
  • Conducting research works (hereinafter referred to as R & d) on the basis of grants received from various domestic and foreign funds and organizations on agrobiotechnology;
  • Research and development on the basis of economic agreements and contracts for agro-biotechnology;
  • Preparation of competitive applications for R & d;
  • Provision of scientific and methodological, consulting, expert and other types of services in accordance with the main agrobiotechnological directions and tasks of the laboratory's functioning for enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership and spheres of activity, as well as for individual individuals;
  • Organization of work of students and undergraduates in the process of performing research, theses and dissertations;

Certificates of professional development on the topic: «3.2.1 СТАРТ» (72 hours).

Certificates of professional development on the topic: «Основы растениеводства и технология производства» (72 hours).

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our staff

    Akmullaeva Aizhan

    Acting head of the laboratory

    +7 (702) 258 10 52
    Internal: (1173)

    Rinar Almas

    Acting senior researcher

    +7 (747) 990 77 77
    Internal: (1173)


      Abilmazhin Marzhan

      Acting junior researcher

      +7 (777) 142 66 66
      Internal: (1173)