The purpose of laboratory of biotechnology – carrying out the research works related to research and introduction of innovative biotechnological methods in mining branch.

  • Objective
  • Feature
  • Achievement
  • Personnel
  • Performance of research and development (further research and development) according to programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further MSE RK) and to other RK scientific programs, regional and international scientific programs;
  • Development of scientific research in structural division;
  • Establishing scientific contacts and scientific and technical cooperation with educational and scientific institutions of Kazakhstan, FSU and beyond;
  • Practical approbation and introduction of the received results in practice of activity of the enterprises, organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership and fields of activity;
  • Attraction to scientific work of students and undergraduates, professor teachers of university, increase in number of theses of research and applied character;
  • Preparation and edition of scientific works (collections of scientific articles, monographs, etc.).
  • Development of a biotechnological method of extraction of gold from ores of the Dalabai field of Almaty region;
  • Assessment of the state of microbiocenoses of the Vostok uranium deposit of the Stepnogorsk Mining and Chemical Combine (SGHK) RU-1 and their properties;
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      Smagali Azhar

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        Sydykanova Marzhan

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