Goals and objectives of the Student Parliament ” Sanaly Stýdent»:

Identification and development of the creative potential of the individual of each student and student, taking into account its capabilities;

Election of new heads of clubs, student councils, plans, job descriptions;

Organization of activities for the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring the observance of the rights and social protection of student youth;

Coordination of the activities of public organizations, student self-government bodies, and interest clubs. Search for new destinations;

Providing students and trainees with a real opportunity to participate in management together with teachers and masters of industrial training;

Development and promotion of creative clubs with interaction with third-party organizations (NGOs, etc.);

Organization of events related to the strengthening of student self-government;

Formation of student assets in the new set of study groups. Adjustment of the composition of student assets in groups of senior courses (2-4 courses);

Class attendance, student performance;

Creating the necessary conditions to meet the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical development.

Speaker of the Student Parliament "Sanaly Stýdent" Alibekova Nuray