The youth wing “JASOTAN»

Goal: To increase the number of supporters of the policy of the Head of State and the “NUROTAN” party among young people.

“JASOTAN” is the youth wing of the party “NUROTAN”, created in the form of a public association at the First Congress” JASOTAN ” on May 14, 2008 in Astana. The organization has branches in all regions of the country. “JASOTAN” YW faces serious challenges in creating an effective system of youth development, protecting the rights of young citizens in the process of formation and socialization. When implementing social and ideological initiatives of the Youth Wing, it is important to ensure a targeted approach, it is necessary to take into account the priorities of each age group.

Tasks: consolidation of youth in support of the policy of the party Leader-the President of the country; creation of an effective system of youth development; protection of the rights and interests of young people; expansion of the social base of the party “NUROTAN” through the involvement of a wide range of young people in the activities of the YW “JASOTAN”.

Head: M. Shugyla. Phone number: +7 747 246 8509