The aim of the International cooperation center is to train highly qualified competitive specialists, increase the international prestige of the university, improve the quality of education, develop external and internal internationalization at the University.

  • Tasks
  • Functions
  • Achievements
  • Employees
  • Establishing relations with foreign educational, scientific, cultural organizations, international organizations and foundations;
  • Organization of international exchange programs of students, pedagogical and scientific staff;
  • Attracting foreign students and teaching staff to the university environment;
  • Assistance in the promotion of scientific research works on foreign markets through the implementation of international educational, scientific programs and projects;
  • Promoting the University in the international educational space.
  • Drafting cooperation agreements in order to study, disseminate best practices and expand educational services;
  • Implementation of international cooperation on the basis of relevant international agreements, international research projects and programs, as well as in the form of assistance in the establishment and expansion of scientific and technical cooperation between Kazakhstani and foreign scientific and other organizations;
  • Attracting students from partner universities to study under academic mobility programs, double degree programs, and joint educational programs;
  • Preparation of documents for joining international non-governmental organizations (associations) in the field of education, organization of the University's work in international consortia and associations;
  • Assisting in the organization of forums and seminars at international level;
  • Development of cooperation and strengthening of academic exchanges with universities and research centers of Kazakhstan and foreign countries;
  • Search, data processing on available international scholarship programs;
  • Promoting the systematic participation of students in international programs;
  • Organization and implementation of academic mobility of students and teaching staff of the University;
  • Attracting foreign scientists to give lectures and organize joint research projects;
  • Organizational work on the development of double degree programs and joint educational programs.
International forum of Rectors of universities of Central Asia and the European Union "University of the future: digitalization and academic traditions".

International Forum of Rectors of Universities in Central Asia and the European Union "University of the Future: Digitalization and Academic traditions".

  • 20 rectors and vice-rectors of the European Union and Central Asia universities;
  • 11 signed memorandums;
  • Opening of the International Center of European Education.

Opening of the international center "Zhetysu" on the basis of the Andijan State University named after Z.M. Babur.

In the framework of the year of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan, as well as in order to internationalize higher education and increase the export potential of domestic education, on May 22, 2019, the official opening ceremony of the “Zhetysu” International Center was held at Andijan State University named after Z.M.Babur.

Attracting international students

Implementation of international scientific projects

Within the framework of the international program Mevlana (Project based) scientific project "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Using a Modified Complex of Natural Sorbents based on Zeolite, Bentonite and Diatomite for Purification and Conditioning of Drinking Water and Post-Treatment of Sewage," (auth. E.S. Andasbayev) was approved by the Council of Higher Education and received funding for the implementation of mobility.

At the Department of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the project "Russian language in the Republic of Kazakhstan" was carried out. The project funded by a grant from the "Russian World" Foundation (Russia). The project was aimed at studying and popularizing the Russian language among students.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation scholarship

For the first time a student of the University won the honorary right to receive the SUR-PLACE grant from the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

External outgoing academic mobility

To date, the International Cooperation Center has direct more than 80 students to the world's leading universities under the external outgoing academic mobility.


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