Military account office

Full and qualitative manageement of the military account and university recruits.

The main tasks of the office
  • Definition of quantitative and qualiative composition of the military service employees and recruits;
  • Close cooperation with local bodies of military management and the timely submission of required information;
  • Control over observance of the rules of military registration of conscripts among employees and recruits;
  • In order to improve the quality of the work of the Department introduction of new methods of conducting the military account;
  • Quality records are maintained in accordance with the requirements, preparation and submission of documents to the archive;
  • Timely and quality maintenance work for the registration, registration of visas to citizens who arrived from abroad for training;
  • Timely maintenance of the registration of students in University dormitories.
Functions of the office
  • Ensuring completeness and quality of the military registration of reservists and recruits employess of the University;
  • Definition of the state on the military ccount of citizens taken to work and to study recruits students;
  • Verification of employment (study) and the availability of reservists to military assistance, the recruits of the certificate of registration.
  • Submission to the local military administration bodies of information about prsons liable for military service and conscripts hired (trained), dismised from work and expelled from training;
  • Annual reporting by September 1 of the local military authorities the list of people 15-16 years of age.Annual December 1 to represrntation in local bodies of military administration of lists of citizens subject to registration enlistment offices and military registration next tear;
  • Issuing students certificates for representation in local bodies of military administration;
  • Booking military duty in accordance with the List of professions and posts subject to booking;
  • To conduct explanatory work among military service employees and recruits to compliance with the rules of military account;
  • Timely and quality maintenance work with the Department of the migration police for registration and issue of visas to foreign citizens studying at the University;
  • Timely maintenance of State Corporation "Governmtnt for citizens" for registration of students in University dormitories.
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Bektemirova Raisa Dantaevna

Head of department

+7 (701) 567-98-62 ;
extension number (1176)

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Myrzabekova Assem Seizhankyzy

Leading specialist

+7 (701) 658-12-23 ;
extension number (1176)

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