Mukasheva Danagul

Degree: Master of Biology

Position: Senior Lecturer


  • 2005 Zhetysu State University named after Zhansugurova, specialty Chemistry-Biology, qualification of a teacher of chemistry and biology with the award of an academic bachelor’s degree.
  • 2007 Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abaya specialty Biology, awarded the academic degree of Master of Biology.


  • II place “Teacher of the Future – 2008”, holder of a grant.

Scientific study

  1. Methodical manual. Almaty 2019 «Өсімдіктер физиологиясы және генетика пәндерінен зертханалық сабақтарға қосымша әдістемелік құрал».
  2. Web of Science Core Collection. “The possibility of sorghum culture zoning in the Almaty region of the republic of Kazakhstan”

Professional development

  1. Intermediate A2, (240 hours), Ministry of Education and science of the Republik of Kazahstan, Almaty, 2016.
  2. «Modern methods of assessing learning outcomes» (72 hours) online, from 11 to 20 October 2017
  3. «Innovations and modern methods of teaching biological disciplines in the framework of distance education», (72 hours).
  4. Best innovation Group Lnc, Almaty, 21.09.2020-03.10.2020. No. 0920 / QL-0021/3.