Myrzakhmet Lyazzat Kanatbekovna

Degree: master

Position: teacher


  • Zhetysu State University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov. ЖБ-Б №0077106. Foreign language: two foreign languages, 2014
  • Zhetysu State University named after Ilyas Zhansugurov, ЖООК-М №01400434, Pedagogy and psychology,  2018


  • III degree diploma, Republican scientific-practical conference “Youth and Science in the New World”, 13-14.03. 2014, Taldykorgan
  • II-prize place, competition among young teachers “, 2015, Taldykorgan
  • Certificate No. 00718 Center of psychological support of LLP “Rich TELS” scientific internship from 16-25 April 2018., Taldykorgan

scientific studies

  • “Linguistic ways of expression emotuions” Republican scientific-practical conference “Youth and science in the new world ”, 13-14.03. 2014, Taldykorgan., 101-104p.
  • “Problems of socialization of the personality of a teenager in modern society” Kazakh state pedagogical women university, , 2017, 38-44 p.
  • «The role of education in the development of modern personality “, 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference” Constitutional and Legal Development of Kazakhstan “dedicated to the 75th anniversary of O.Sh. Zhalairi. at the Academy of Economics and Law. W.A. Dzholdasbekova, 2017, 476-481p.
  • «Modern problems of personal socialization of adolescents in modern society “OmSTU, International scientific and practical conference” Socio-economic and legal systems of the countries of Eurasian economic integration “Russia, Omsk, March 1-2, 2018, 311-317 p.
  • “The social status of a person in the system of pragmalinguistic categories” No. 6/3, International scientific journal Science and Life of Kazakhstan. Kyzylorda city, 2020, 364-369 p