The goal of the Startup Academy is to develop entrepreneurial education and innovative potential among young scientists and aspiring entrepreneurs at the university, as well as to train competitive specialists with pragmatic, creative and innovative thinking.

  • Tasks
  • Functions
  • Achievements
  • Employees
  • Organization of educational and consulting events in the form of comprehensive training and providing authors and participants of innovative projects with the necessary practical knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • Stimulating and developing an innovative ecosystem of startup culture;
  • Identifying ideas with commercial potential among students, undergraduates, doctoral students and university scientists;
  • Promotion of projects through specialized exhibition events (forums, congresses, conferences);
  • Involvement of scientists in entrepreneurship;
  • Involvement of independent professional experts in the assessment of business ideas and innovative projects.
  • Conducting events in the form of seminars, trainings, case studies by attracting professional experts, leading businessmen in order to develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurship;
  • Searching for promising innovative and business projects in each structural unit and faculty of the university;
  • PR and marketing of successful innovative start-up projects to demonstrate the process;
  • Participation in the preparation of materials about projects for exhibitions and various forums;
  • Organization of master classes on the development of startups at the university.

Grant from the international technopark Astana Hub in the amount of 8,000,000 tenge for the development and implementation of IT start-up projects.

Commercialization of the project in the amount of 180 million tenge within the framework of a grant from the MES RK.

The annual intra-university competition of start-up projects and innovative ideas "Jetisý - Startup" among start-up entrepreneurs and young innovators.

Letter of thanks from the executive secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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