Syrlybayeva Gulnara Torebekovna

Degree: Candidate of philological sciences

Position: Acting Associate Professor


  • 1998-2002 she studied at the Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov majoring in “Kazakh language and literature”;
  • In 2007 she defended his thesis on the topic ” Paradigms of phraseology with opposite values in the Kazakh language” specialty “10. 02. 02- Kazakh language”


  1. Awarded by the letter of acknowledgement “For Excellent Progress in Training of Entrants in CNS of the RK Academy” (2015).
  2. Awarded the medal “Ilyas Zhansugirov” (2016).
  3. Awarded a certificate of honor of the Department for the Development of Languages of the Almaty Region (2020).

scientific works

  1. Іliyastanu. Training manual. Taldykorgan. 2012 (co-authorship).
  2. Іliyastanu. Reading book. Taldykorgan. 2014 (co-authorship).
  3. Phraseologisms with opposite meanings in the Kazakh language. Monograph. Taldykorgan, 2020.
  4. Phraseological dictionary of I. Zhansugurov’s works. Almaty: Abzal-ai, 2019.  240p.
  5. Ilyas Zhansugurov. Satire and feuilletons.  Collection of multivolume essays (Compiled by G.T.  Syrlybayeva).  Volume 5.Almaty: Abzal-ai, 2019. 208 p.
  6. Author of more than 40 scientific articles.