Toimatayev Dauren Bolatuly

Degree: candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Position: Senior lecturer


Education: Higher

Information about higher education: Al-Farabi Kazakh State National University (JB-II No. 0139065)

Specialty:  Philosophy

Year of completion: 1998

Qualification: teacher of philosophy

Academic degree: ­ Candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Specialty: 09.00.03 – history of philosophy

Year of assignment: FK № 0006373   26.02.2010.

The topic of the candidate’s dissertation: «The general and the special in the moral philosophy of Sh.Kudaiberdiev and L.Tolstoy»;

Information about the academic title

Year of assignment

Research interests: «History of Philosophy», « Social Philosophy »

Courses taught:

  1. Formal logic
  2. Cultural studies;
  3. Religious studies;
  4. Philosophy;
  5. History and philosophy of science;
  6. Philosophy of law;
  7. Values of Mangilik El;
  8. State-confessional relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  • Awarded the medal (with a badge) MIA RK ІІІ degree «For impeccable service». 14.06.2012 y.
  • Awarded the medal (with a badge) MIA RK ІІ degree «For impeccable service». 10.12.2013 y.
  • Awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Minister of Internal Affairs. 29.04.2015 y.
  • Awarded the jubilee medal «25 years of the Kazakhstan Police». 20.06.2017 y.
  • Awarded the medal (with a badge) MIA RK І degree «For impeccable service». 13.12.2018 y.
  • Awarded the badge «Excellent person of the internal affairs bodies ІІ degree». 24.08.2018 y.
  • Awarded the medal (with a badge) «Shrakbek Kabylbayev». 24.12.2018 y.

Scientific works

Author of more than 50 scientific and methodological works.

Monographs, encyclopedias, and dictionaries:

Training and teaching aids: 

  1. «Explanatory Dictionary of logic terms». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2000. 1,1 p.s.
  2. «Logic. Course of lectures». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2004. 7 p.s.     
  3. «Fundamentals of cultural studies. Course of lectures». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2005. 4,2 p.s.
  4. «Workshop on religious studies». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2010. 7 p.s.
  5. «Philosophy of law». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2013. 8,5 p.s.
  6. «Philosophy of law». / album of plans /. Educational and methodical manual. Kostanay.- 2014. 2 p.s.
  7. «History and philosophy of science». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2016. 13, 25 p.s.
  8. «Philosophy». Training manual. Kostanay.- 2019. 10,3 p.s.