Useful YouTube channels

Web of Science in Russian. Education and training 1. General questions. 2. Web of Science: working with scientific information. 3. Web of Science: Advanced features. 4. Author profiles. 5. Magazines. 6. How to prepare a publication for an international journal. 7. InCites – analysis of scientific performance. 8. Specialized webinars. 9. Joint webinars of Clarivate Analytics and 10. Anti-plagiarism. 11. RSCI + archive of the quiz ” RSCI Experts”
Elsevier CIS (Scopus)
Scientific publications-Publ. Science Training channel about Scopus, Web of Science, ORCID, ResearcherID, IMRAD, impact factor, quartiles and percentiles of journals, and more
ELIBRARY.RU How to use the scientific electronic library «eLibrary» Search for articles on The Hirsch Index eLibrary and RSCI
Google Scholar(Академия Google)
ORCID What is it? How do I register? Author’s profile.
Library classifications and classification databases MRNTI(CSCS), UDC, ACB
DOI (Digital identifier of the article) of a scientific article, publication
Ethics of scientific publications and academic integrity Scientific ethics (scientific integrity, authorship, publication ethics, code of the scientist)
Citation rules, self-citation
Plagiarism in science
Anti-plagiarism – detection of borrowing
Intellectual property (patent)
Plagiarism. Copyright. Licensing.
How to write a scientific article for an international journal? How to structure a scientific article in Scopus and Web of Science? Submission of an article to an international journal
How to choose an international journal in the Web of Science?
Science Foundation
Startup Launchpad Patents, investments, and commercialization
World Sci Publ. From beginner to professional: MS PowerPoint, Excel and Word
Moscow City Methodological Center. Webinars
Kazakhstan PhD Association in the UK
msofficeprowork From beginner to professional: MS PowerPoint, Excel and Word
SpecialistTV Using Microsoft Office 365 for remote and collaborative work
Microsoft Excel for beginners and not only
Nikolay Pavlov Планета Excel: from beginner to professional
Ezepov Dmitriy Statanalysis in MS Excel

Stanislav Stalosey Open webinars on Power BI and MS Excel Techniques for effective work in MS Excel Merge MS Excel and Word MS Excel tricks
Formulas in Excel
Plotting graphs and charts in MS Excel
Building a Gantt chart
Animation of charts
Visualization of geographical data, 3D maps MS Excel
Mathematical methods in psychology, sociology, and medicine