How to behave at the “Job Fair”?

  • As soon as you arrive at the fair, get acquainted with the order of placement of students of participating institutions and find out where the employers you are interested are.
  • Remember that everyone has the concept of personnel reserve, so if you have a resume, distribute it. And if not, fill out a questionnaire. Many employers have it.
  • Ask the recruiting specialist what you are interested in, and it will help you in future interviews.
  • Ask about the requirements of employers for young professionals. Analyze how well you fit them.
  • Pay attention to large companies, institutions and organizations and try to get a lot of information about them. Make sure they remember you, and maybe in the future they will find a job that interests you.
  • Attend presentations of organizations and companies, so you can know the necessary information. It will help you not only during the interview, but also to make your choice.
  • Try not to miss the trainings and master classes that take place at such events, which will allow you to improve your skills and show yourself.
  • Be in a good mood. Nobody likes a sad and careless person.
  • Be active and polite. Instead of wasting time, try to get more information for yourself.

                                                                                                               Remember, luck is in your hands!