The purpose of the bioresources laboratory is to conduct research work related to research and the introduction of innovative biotechnological methods in preserving the biological diversity of useful plants.

  • Objective
  • Feature
  • Achievement
  • Personnel
  • Organization and conduct of fundamental, research and development work, applied scientific research on the problems of biology and biotechnology of useful plants;
  • Development and implementation of cooperation programs of the laboratory with other domestic and foreign structures in the field of research and development;
  • Promoting the growth of the prestige of the laboratory as a scientific institution, public recognition in the educational and scientific community, the systematic use of the results of scientific activity in the educational process;
  • Involvement in the research and innovation-project activities of teachers and university staff, students, undergraduates, PhD-doctoral students.
  • Development of technologies for microclonal reproduction of rare and endemic species, varieties and forms of plants in Kazakhstan to preserve the gene pool of valuable species;
  • Study of distribution and location of fruit plants of Almaty region (Tekeli) in comparison with the North of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), in order to preserve varietal and wild plants.
  • Study of anatomical and morphological qualities of fruit crops to determine the degree of rooting.
  • Development of the technology of micropropagation to obtain a clean genetic material of fruit plants of the region.
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    Karipbaeva Rasima

    Acting head of the laboratory

    +7 (775) 233 25 40
    Internal: (1174)


      Ismailova Madina

      Acting senior researcher

      +7 (775) 898 19 98
      Internal: (1174)


        KHani Arailym

        Acting junior researcher

        +7 (775) 720 08 51
        Internal: (1174)