Kuanysh Shalabayeva

Degree:Master of Pedagogy and Psychology

Position: teacher-assistant


  • Higher special Zhetysu State named after I. Zhansugirov He graduated from the University in 2007 with a degree in chemistry and biology.

    Master’s degree: Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugirov 6-M010300 – Master of Pedagogy and Psychology awarded a degree in 2012. HOOK-M No.0000199 diploma additional certificate 6-M010300 pedagogy and psychology Graduated from Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugirov.


    1. “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” Pedagogical mastery updating the content of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, developed by the center , completed a training course in the amount of 80 academic hours according to the educational program of advanced training of teaching staff of higher educational institutions that train teaching staff. Registration number BJ #095479 release date: “28” 09 2018 (Certificate).
    2. “Modernity in higher educational institutions in the field of updated educational content” Pedagogical technologies (260 hours) registration number No. 03220445 release date: “25” 10.2019 . (Certificate).
    3. Awarded for participation in the seminar “Electronic textbook new technologies in education” Almaty, 2019 Registration number: No. 1005 4. Has successfully participated at the seminar «How to Get Published in Scientific Journals» November 2019. (Certificate).
    4. ” use of distance educational technologies in universities “(36 hours ) Register. Taldykorgan No. 213, 2019 (certificate). 6. on the topic “technology of organizing self-supporting work of students” Passing the 72nd hour course to improve qualification.Almaty City 2 February, 2018. (Certificate).
    5. Taylin University” modern methods of stress management in sports ” from November 12 to December 10, 2018. (Certificate).

Scientific works:

  1. Study of the functional state of the employees of the fire extinguishing and rescue services. Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov 2017
  2. International Scientific Journal – Appendix UDC 658.516 (574) “the impact of industrial enterprises located along the Karatal River on the natural environment”

3.Republican scientific and practical conference “zhansugurov taglymy”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of I. Zhansugurov April 24 “biology of schoolchildren” study of literacy and features of teaching Natural Sciences” Taldykorgan city 2019 UDC 378.857

4.international scientific and practical conference” Ruhani zhangyru – the basis of dynamic development of Kazakhstan”. Analysis of methods for the creation of a vaccine and the support of methods for the creation of biological drugs from the book “Healing report”. UDC 578.74 Taldykorgan 2018

  1. Internauka chemistry, biology, mathematics : theoretical and applied research № 3-4 (5)ISSN 2541-9846 Moscow 2018 varieties of sugar beet in agricultural crops and dynamics of growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms

6. Textbook microbiology Taldykorgan 2019. VPR 579.2 KBS 28.4 M59